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Brent O’Leary has been tattooing professionally since 2007. 


Growing up in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, a trucker's kid, Brent was interested in art at a very young age. Brent attended Illinois State University where he honed his artistic skills.  After a pretty serious run in the music industry, Brent decided to put all his attention into his true calling, tattooing.  Brent did a traditional 2 year apprenticeship at a “world-renown” shop in Lockport, Illinois.  After “paying his dues” Brent continued to work there up until the near end of 2012. 


In 2013 Brent took on the adventure of a lifetime with the opening of Blue Collar Tattoo.  There from the beginning, Brent is an integral element in the foundation of our business.  Known for his crazy-good black and grey skills and excellent bedside manner, Brent is more than capable of greatly surpassing the client’s imagination with whatever project he takes on.   


When Brent isn’t tattooing, talking your ear off or rocking out with his music... his other true talent, custom guitar carving eats up the remainder of his free time.  If you’re interested in getting tattooed by this extremely likeable fellow, stop by the shop and Brent will be more than happy to assist you.

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