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Cody Jesernik has been tattooing professionally since 2012.


Growing up in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, Cody was born with many talents.  A “self-proclaimed” jack of all trades…Cody has a gift that shines through in whatever he is working on.  A son of a welder, a true blue collar kid, Cody was raised with set of values often overlooked now days. His love for anything mechanical and especially motorcycles enveloped his childhood. Realizing at an early age that art was one of those many talents, Cody developed this skill.  Graduating from the American Academy of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in illustration, Cody is no joke. 


In 2010 Cody began his traditional 2 year apprenticeship at a “world-renown” shop in Lockport, Illinois. Working alongside Joseph Pasternak and Brent O’Leary, Cody “paid his dues” the old fashion way. In 2013 Cody helped open Blue Collar Tattoo.  One of the “founding fathers”, Cody was a key element in the construction of our fine institution.


Known for his bold color and smooth black and grey…Cody destroys any style he is handed. Trained as an illustrator, Cody can tackle anything you throw at him. When Cody isn’t tattooing you will most likely find him in the garage. Whether it is custom motorcycles, cars, tattoo machines, or just about anything else you can imagine, Cody’s skills with metal will blow your mind. If you’d like to get tattooed by Cody stop on by, you will not be disappointed.

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