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Blue Collar Tattoo is committed to providing our clients with a level of tattooing far surpassing the industry standard.  We are artists and need nothing but your vision and ideas to create a “one-of-a-kind” piece of original artwork just for you.  We have no "Flash."  Again, we are not your typical shop.  If you are looking for an artist to “Create” then look no further.


“Fine Art for the Working Class”


One thing that you will not find at Blue Collar Tattoo is “Egos”.  We are not “Rock Stars”.  We are hardworking creative people looking to provide a service to our customers that will not only change their appearance, but their attitude.  We strive to build a relationship with our patrons that will last a lifetime.


“We are the Machine…You are the Fuel that feeds us.”


We want our clients to understand that they are our livelihood.  We take this very seriously and want to ensure their satisfaction not only with the tattoo they receive but also with their overall experience within our shop.


“Good tattoos aren’t cheap…Cheap tattoos aren’t good.”


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